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ECE Computing Labs

The ECE Department offers 4 physical computing labs with Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) workstations for students currently enrolled in ECE classes. RHEL workstations may be accessed remotely and there are additional dedicated compute servers dedicated to remote access. For remote access to Windows, ECE hosts a virtual desktop environment..

ECE LTF Labs Operating System # of Seats Peripherals
CL260 Windows 10 46 Printers and Scanner
Pay-to-Print Station
DL517 Windows 10 24 Printers and Scanner
DL557 RHEL 26 Printers
DL817 Windows 10 13 Printer
7 dedicated remote access Linux workstations.
Remote Connections to Windows 10 and RHEL machines.












Locking Computers

  • Standard policy is that a computer does not remain locked for more than 10 minutes. Trips to the restrooms, the printers or short phone calls are acceptable.
  • If you are going to class, going home or leaving for any extended periods of time it is required that you log off of a computer. If the computer is locked and you are gone for more than 10 minutes you run the risk of having your account logged off. 
  • If the labs are busy please make sure to be courteous to other users. If you are sitting at a station and not using a computer please offer it to someone that is waiting. This is especially important during exam periods, or days when numerous classes have projects due.


ECE Computer Logins

All ECE computers now use your OSU ID credentials (name.number and associated password) for logins. To update your Ohio State ID password, please go to the University’s OCIO Account Management website at


Wireless Network Connectivity

  • Please note that ETS does not maintain, nor does it have control over the Ohio State Wireless system. If you are having trouble connecting wirelessly please contact 8-HELP, 614-688-4357.


Remote Desktop Connections

All remote sessions require the Pulse Secure VPN client.If you do not have this package on your local system, or do not know how to connect it to the COE VPN server, please open a service request with ETS ( and request the download link and instructions in its use.

To connect to Windows workstations:
· Download the View Client HERE, follow the link and click on the appropriate operating system for the download.
· Install the VMware View Client program on your computer.
· Remote server to connect to this host address:
· The system will then prompt you for your username & password, enter your OSU ID and password, and enter “COEIT” for the domain.
To connect to the Red Hat Enterprises Linux workstations:

· Visit the OCIO Self-Service Portal, and login with your OSU ID and password.
· Click on the Order Services Link in the navigation area.
· Click on "Software Services” -> “Site Licensed Software Request".
· Verify your details and click “Next”.
· Select “FastX v2” in the list -> then select “version Any – All Architectures”.
· Proceed to complete the form submission as per the OCIO’s instructions.
· You will receive an email from OCIO shortly with the download link and licensing information for FastX v2.
For any questions or issues, contact either the OCIO:, or by phone: 614-688-HELP (4357)
Or you can contact the Engineering Tech Services team by submitting a ticket at:
· Once installed, you can use FastX to create connection profiles to connect to any of the machines in DL557 using this address format:
where ## can be digits between 01 to 26, or you can try the remote access systems numbered 50, 51, or 52 (other systems available to specific classes).
· Remember to use your OSU ID username and password for logging in!

Note: The speed of the connection and "usability" of the system is determined both by your personal connection speed and the number of people logged on physically and remotely. 

If a particular machine is unusually slow, checking another machine would be the best step. Machines 50, 51, 52 are more powerful and therefore will generally run faster.

Additionally, opening a terminal window and typing "uptime" will allow the user to see the number of people logged in to that particular machine.


Keycard Information

All ECE LTF labs as well as both buildings (Dreese and Caldwell) have 24x7 keycard access.

Access is granted to all students enrolled in ECE classes for the current academic term.

Keycard access control lists are generated each term based on SIS enrollment information. SIS reports are pulled the week before classes begin and then again in the first and third week of the quarter. These access control lists are then submitted to University Key/Card Control which controls the keycard readers.


If your keycard is not working

  • and it is the quarter break or the first week of the quarter, rosters may not have been processed yet. Individual keycard requests will not be processed before that time.
  • and you registered late for classes, please wait before you submit your keycard request. We will rerun keycard lists in the third week of the quarter and you will be granted access at that time.
  • and you are not currently taking an ECE class, then you are granted access to ECE labs. If you have any questions or require clarification about this policy, please contact the ETS team at our web portal:

  • and you have been patient and still don’t have access, submit a ticket at the ETS web portal to “Report An Incident”. Choose the environment as “Student Lab”, indicate which building and lab room number you have initially had trouble at, and select “Internal Door Access” as the symptom. In your description of the issue, be sure to include any other ECE lab/building doors that you have tested your keycard swipe on, and give us you student ID number (a.k.a. EMPLID, the shorter string of numbers on your Buck-ID card. Do NOT send us your Buck-ID number – it is classified as “Restricted” data and should never be sent on unsecured/public communications).

  • and you have submitted a request to ETS but your keycard is still not working (2 business days AFTER you were informed by the ETS team that your information has been submitted to the University Keycard Control), please stop by DL556 or DL560 and see one of the ECE ETS team members. Be sure to bring along your Buck-ID card!

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