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Mentor Graphics for OSU ECE

Note: The following information is outdated and may be inaccurate.  We are in the process of reviewing and updating this page.

University Support Contact

General Information

Bea Jarupan is the support person at The Ohio State University for Mentor Graphics. If you have a problem with the network that is not directly related to Mentor Graphics, send mail to site.

Bea supports Mentor Graphics, specifically, for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Resources from MGC


These tutorials are written to be general in that they do not contain information on logging into workstations or setting specific environment variables. We tell students the particulars in a separate handout called Logging into the HPs.

These tutorials are in PDF and PostScript formats. Clicking on the PDF link should invoke the Adobe Acrobat reader. Clicking on the PS link will allow you to download the file into your home directory. Once you do, the file can be viewed with the command
ghostview <filename>.ps &
or printed with the command
lp <filename>.ps


In Mentor Graphics you can print either to a file or a printer. To print to a printer, you must first setup the printer. From the menu bar, select MGC=>Setup=>Printer... In the form that comes up, click on the printer you wish to use, click the Select Printer button and OK the form. When you want to print just select File=>Print Sheet: (or the appropriate command for the tool you are in). This will bring up the print prompt box which should have the printer name in it, so all you have to do is click OK and go collect your printout.

AccuSim: There appears to be a bug in AccuSim. You have to setup the printer just as described above. The difference is when you give the Print=>Active Window command, the form you get does not have the printer name in it. You must manually enter the printer name you just selected in printer setup, and then OK the form to get your print out.

NOTE: If you are used to using the mg* printer names, they no longer work. If you just type in the name of a printer and click OK, nothing will happen. Mentor will tell you it successfully spooled the print job, but you will not get a print out. You must setup the printer as described above. Also, don't forget about your print quota.

To print to a graphics file from Mentor:

In QuickSimII or AccuSimII

  1. From the menu bar select File=>Print=>Active Window...
  2. Click on the Export Graphic button
  3. In the Pathname box give the file a name (you don't need to give it an extension, just a name)
  4. Click on OK
  5. The file will be written to your $HOME/mgc directory as <filename>.eps
  6. To print the file, at a system prompt in your $HOME/mgc directory, type lp <filename>.eps


In Design Architect

  1. From the menu bar select File=>Export Graphics...
  2. With the default line, EPS, highlighted, click on Select Format
  3. Move the cursor so the Pathname line becomes highlighted, DO NOT click in the box here.
  4. Type the filename you wish to save with a .eps extension ( <filename>.eps )
  5. Click OK
  6. The file will be written to your $HOME/mgc directory as <filename>.eps
  7. To print the file, at a system prompt in your $HOME/mgc directory, type lp <filename>.eps

This process will be similar for other Mentor tools.

Part Numbers

Do you know what part you want but don't know the part number? Try these diagrams for common parts.

Higher Education Program


The HEP is designed to facilitate the use of Mentor Graphics tools by Undergraduate and Graduate students in engineering courses and in academic research.

Faculty Contact Joanne E. DeGroat Tel: (614) 292-2439 / E-mail