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Welcome Future Students!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose ECE @ Ohio State:


  1. We provide a top-notch education. The ECE program at Ohio State is the top ranked electrical and computer engineering program in Ohio and is consistently ranked in the top 10 percent nationally.
  2. Get more value for your money at Ohio State. In a comparison of tuition costs to graduate earning power in SmartMoney magazine, Ohio State ranks 11th best nationally, with an average return of 179 percent on tuition investment.
  3. We offer the critical engineering foundation you need, with the options you want. Our program is designed around a core that establishes a strong engineering foundation and electives that allow the flexibility to specialize in a number of technology areas that interest you most.
  4. An electrical and computer engineering degree can take you anywhere, including careers in business, medicine, law and more.
  5. We offer many opportunities to supplement your classroom learning with hands-on experience. Our fully-equipped laboratories provide invaluable, hands-on experience with cutting-edge research, while the cooperative education and internship program offers students work experience and financial assistance. Unlike some fields, most ECE internships and co-operative experiences are paid opportunities; with ECE students making an average of $18.12 per hour.
  6. Earn a master’s degree in less time. Our combined BS/MS program allows you to start on a master’s degree while completing your bachelor’s degree and enables you to get a head start on your new career.
  7. We have world-renowned faculty who teach all lecture courses and are highly committed to education. Faculty also provide numerous opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in their cutting-edge research.
  8. Ohio State offers numerous opportunities to gain valuable extracurricular experience, learn about cultures and take on leadership roles, including more than 100 study abroad programs in 40 countries around the world, and hundreds of student organizations and activities.
  9. Land your dream job and make the big bucks! Electrical and computer engineers are not only highly respected, they are highly paid. The average beginning salary for electrical and computer engineers having a bachelor’s degree from Ohio State is approximately $61,200 per year*.
  10. Our graduates are in demand and are recruited by major companies. Many of our PhD graduates hold faculty positions at other universities in the United States and overseas.

*Average 2011-2012 offer made to Ohio State ECE as reported by Ohio State Engineering Career Services.