Molly Wambold receives 2011 Ohio State Distinguished Staff Award

Posted: June 22, 2011

Molly Wambold
Molly Wambold, office administrative associate at the ElectroScience Laboratory, has received a 2011 Ohio State Distinguished Staff Award.

The Distinguished Staff Award recognizes 12 staff members, who have had five years of continuous service, for exceptional accomplishments, leadership, and service to the university community by significantly improving or enhancing the quality of worklife in ways that make a substantial difference for their colleagues; contributing to outstanding and sustained improvements in customer services; and developing creative solutions to problems that result in significantly more effective and efficient university operations.

In her 30 years at the ElectroScience Laboratory, Molly Wambold’s diligence and consistency has made her one of the lab’s most valued — and valuable —staff members.

“Every organization relies on a few remarkable people whose work ethic, excellence, personality, service consistency, reliability and dedication makes them the heart and soul of that organization,” a nominator wrote. “For the ElectroScience Laboratory, Molly Wambold is that person.”

Although her primary responsibility is to serve as administrative associate for the laboratory director — she has served four during her time there, each with equal aplomb, they say — Wambold regards everyone as a customer, whether that person is an external sponsor, a faculty member, a student or a staff member who needs help or information.

She coordinates meetings, organizes background material, maintains the director’s extensive travel schedule and provides guidance and assistance to faculty members and researchers concerning the lab’s policies and procedures. She also assists with the ESL graduate student recruiting effort, and she supervises and evaluates the work of ESL support staff. She’s also a superior problem-solver, well-versed in the intricacies of university beaurocracy.

“When a task is assigned to Molly, she will always follow through and ensure that it is carried out,” wrote a nominator. “She will find the right person to reach, an acceptable solution or simply do it herself if necessary.” It is not surprising that some faculty and researchers at ESL have referred to her as the “Mother” of the ElectroScience Laboratory.

Her work has been recognized with several awards through the years, including multiple ESL Staff Achievement Awards, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Outstanding Staff Member Award and the College of Engineering “Above and Beyond” Staff Recognition Award.