VIDEO: Why grad students choose to develop skills at the ElectroScience Lab

Posted: February 10, 2012

Curious about Conducting Research at the ElectroScience Lab?

Join Nil Apaydin, electrical and computer engineering graduate student and graduate research associate at the ElectroScience Lab, to find out why hundreds of students have chosen to go to ESL to further their education and develop their engineering skills in a collaborative environment.

The ElectroScience Laboratory is one of the largest radio frequency and optics research laboratories in the country and has influenced radio research like no other. ESL is a distinctive university center where world class faculty and research scientists lead projects that provide state-of-the-art exploration and superior training for both graduate and undergraduate students.

From the beautiful new 40,580 square foot building to world-class research facilities, including the compact range and optics lab, there are many reason students choose to conduct research at the ElectroScience Lab.

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