10TV features Ohio State research on autonomous cars

Posted: January 22, 2013

10TV News recently featured the efforts by Ohio State researchers to build better autonomous vehicles. View Ohio State Researchers Working On Car That Will Drive Itself on 10TV.com.

ECE alumnus Arda Kurt (PhD ’12), a senior research associate at the Center for Automotive Research, discussed the work he and his colleagues do to scale up the capabilities of fully autonomous vehicles so that they are capable of operating in mixed-traffic urban environments with many other vehicles, including those driven by humans.

Members of the Control and Intelligent Transportation Research Lab (CITR) conduct research on autonomous vehicles in Dreese Laboratories, and at the Ohio State Center for Automotive Research. Much of the project testing is conducted in Dreese Laboratories on an indoor testbed called SimVille, which allows for small-scale, repeatable tests with real and virtualized sensors, robots and scenarios.

Despite continued advances, many issues still remain as to how to best design and operate autonomous vehicles. Ohio State faculty from the departments of electrical and computer engineering, and computer science and engineering are working to integrate multidisciplinary advances in software, sensing and control, and modeling to address current weaknesses in autonomous vehicle design.

Ultimately, the researchers hope their work will lead to safer autonomous vehicles, including automobiles, service robots used in hospitals and rescue robots used after disasters.