Meet our faculty: Professor Chris Baker

Posted: January 10, 2013

Chris Baker, Ohio Research Scholar for Integrated Sensor Systems, has been actively engaged in radar systems research since 1984 and specializes in the application of cognition to radar sensors.

Baker has an enduring interest in trying to extract information from echo signals in order to increase the functionality of sensors.

“A particular theme that I’m developing at the moment is trying to apply the ideas of cognition to radar systems to give them much more ability than to just, forexample, take a picture to detect aircraft in the sky,” he explains.

Baker enjoys working with both undergraduate and graduate students in his research.

“The longer that I’ve been involved in a research area, the more worried I become about being a little bit trammeled in my thinking,” says Baker. “So when I work with undergraduates and graduates, it’s their lack of experience that doesn’t get in the way that I like. I like to see the way that they are able to explore ideas and research threads, that maybe wouldn’t have occurred to me, but might just lead to somewhere significant in terms of the findings.”


Before joining Ohio State in June 2011, Baker was the dean and director of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the Australian National University (ANU). Prior to this he held the Thales-Royal Academy of Engineering Chair of intelligent radar systems based at University College London.

Find out more about Baker and his research in this new ECE video.


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