Who wants to be a millionaire? Become an engineer!

Posted: November 5, 2013

What college major creates the most millionaires? Engineers, according to a study of data from the top 500 universities and subjects studied by millionaires compiled for Spear's in association with WealthInsigh.

Commenting on the findings, Spear's editor Josh Spero said: "Entrepreneurs, who ultimately end up being the wealthiest in the world, are innovators, and the top subjects are those which encourage new and smart thinking, whether technical or financial."

Oliver Williams of WealthInsight adds: "You would expect to see a high number of scientific or financial degrees in the top 10, like engineering, commerce and accounting. Numerical degrees are a notable advantage when it comes to amassing a personal fortune."

The likelihood that attending The Ohio State University will result in a person becoming a millionaire is also pretty good. Out of the 500 universities studied, Ohio State is in the top 10 percent.

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