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ECE majors among top-earning undergrad degrees

A new study by The Hamilton Project shows that electrical engineering and computer engineering are among the undergraduate majors projected to earn the most money on average during their careers.

Both electrical engineers and computer engineers will earn around $2 million on average, according to information on The Hamilton Project website.

"Majors that emphasize quantitative skills tend to have graduates with the highest lifetime earnings. The highest-earning majors are those in engineering fields, computer science, operations and logistics, physics, economics, and finance," the website reports.

Indeed, engineers in general comprise the top nine positions in the research. The complete table of earnings can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

"Over the entire career, the highest-earning majors will earn about two-and-a-half times what the lowest-earning majors will earn, a range from over $2 million for some engineering majors to about $800,000 for early childhood education. Despite the size of this spread, the typical graduate in every college major will out-earn the typical high school graduate by at least $200,000 over the career," the report said.