Kasmer named ECE Undergraduate Academic Program Administrator

Posted: March 25, 2016

Alissa Kasmer was recently named to the role of The Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Undergraduate Academic Program Administrator.

Kasmer takes on the role after her predecessor, Susan Noble, who retired this past winter. Kasmer brings with her the experience of serving as an academic advisor at Ohio State for the past seven years, four of which at the ECE department.

With the promotion, she hopes to continue working with her fellow advisors Krista Trigg and Supaphen Niroula to help students navigate their way, not only through the challenging ECE courseload, but also toward achieving their future career goals.

Kasmer's biggest tip for students? The more internships and co-op jobs before graduation the better chance for a higher paying careeer after graduation.

Watch a short video of Kasmer discussing the role of ECE academic advisors, as well as what she enjoys about her profession.

The ECE Undergraduate Academic Program Administrator heads up the advising team. The person is responsible for dealing with program issues of newly-admitted majors and transfer students, toward graduation in such areas as petitions, probation/dismissal/reinstatement, distinction projects, senior petitions, BSMS program, applications for degree, and degree certification.