Two at ECE earn 2016 Graduate School Presidential Fellowships

Posted: April 28, 2016

The Ohio State University just bestowed its Presidential Fellowship awards to two Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate students.

Chosen this year for the prestigious award are students Sen Li and Shubhendu Bhardwaj.

Issued annually by the Ohio State Graduate School, the award recognizes outstanding scholarship and research abilities among the student body. It provides recipients with the opportunity to devote full time to their dissertation research.

According to Ohio State Graduate Studies Committee Chair Scott Herness, the Presidential Fellowship is the most competitive and prestigious scholarly recognition provided.

The award includes a monthly stipend of $2,125 throughout the summer of 2016 and increases to $2,276 in autumn 2016. It is designed to run for up to three consecutive semesters, or upon graduation. Academic tuition and fee are also paid, along with a travel allowance to help the student attend dissertation presentations and conferences during the fellowship timeframe.

Li is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering. His research interests include control and planning of hybrid and stochastic dynamic systems, and their application in various engineering fields, especially electric vehicles, ancillary market and energy systems. His professor is Wei Zhang.

Bhardwaj is a PhD candidate and graduate research associate at the ElectroScience Lab. He is advised by professors John Volakis and Siddharth Rajan. His research areas include electromagnetics and multi-physical modeling, HEMT modeling for terahertz operation, antenna guiding and slow-wave structure designs, as well as plasmon electronics in 2D electron-gas systems.