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Alumni Spotlight: Mark Morscher

Mark MorscherElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) alumnus Mark Morscher had a full circle moment in 2013 when he returned to Ohio State on a College of Engineering curriculum tour with his son, a prospective student.

“It was my first time being inside the facilities and observing the research and offerings to current students in quite awhile,” he said. “I was just really blown away and impressed.”

Despite it being over two decades since graduating, Morscher jumped back into his ECE roots with both feet. He now volunteers by reaching out to other alumni, serving on the EE/ECE Alumni Society, encouraging involvement, and helping to educate people on new research and events available to current students. 

Always the engineer, he also helps the department compile and analyze alumni data for the most effective communication strategies. 

Morscher said he wants to see more ECE graduates come back to Ohio State and be similarly impressed. 

To help this happen, he launched the popular ECE MeetUp social/tech series. On a quarterly basis, Morscher and the department hold events for alumni located at places like the ElectroScience Lab, the High Voltage Lab, the Center for Automotive Research, Nikola Labs or Nanotech West. Modern research is explained, tours are held with faculty, and generally people just enjoy catching up and networking over snacks.

Morscher has even helped bridge the gap between the past and present by encouraging alumni to help judge student research poster competitions, or show support for those participating in the OHI/O Hackathon Showcase, Makeathon and K-12 Engineering Outreach events.

In May, Morscher traveled to Dayton with ECE Chair Joel Johnson and others to hold a MeetUp event on the road – something he hopes to do in areas like Cincinnati and Cleveland as well.

“I was just really shocked at how much has changed in the 25 years since I graduated, and very proud of what the ECE department has become,” Morscher said.

What motivates him to keep strengthening those ties? The changes and advancements he sees at ECE.

“I figure if I was so amazed and impressed with what I saw, then there must be more alumni like me out there as well, who just need to experience it,” he said. “I’ve been working with the department to find different ways we can try to reach out to alumni and get them exposed with a little more of a hands-on experience with what is happening in 2016 within the department.”