Ohio State Smart Fabric Research Featured by C|Net

Posted: May 16, 2018

Smart fabric technology being pioneered at The Ohio State University was recently the focus of a new video on the future of fashion from C|net

Bridget Carey, senior editor at C|net, explores how smart fabrics are posed to change how society views and interacts with clothing.

Watch the video:


"Researchers at Ohio State University are developing antennas and power sources that can be stitched on anything," Carey said. "The goal is that the tech could be completely washable."

The video features Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Asimina Kiourti, who works primarily out of the ElectroScience Laboratory at Ohio State.

"Looking at the future, I see a lot of smart garments that people can use to interact with technology," Kiourti said. "May that be augmented reality games or virtual reality. The ability to interact with gaming or smart home devices, just by wearing your clothes and moving accordingly. 

Note: The focus on Ohio State in the video begins at around the 3:30 mark.