ECE faculty win 2018-2019 Lumley Research Awards

Posted: June 11, 2018

Guo, Obrien

For their pursuits into new realms in scientific research, three faculty members in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at The Ohio State University won Lumley Research Awards.

At the 21st annual Distinguished Faculty Awards, the College of Engineering recognized ECE Assistant Professors Nima Ghalichechian and Liang Guo, as well as Associate Professor Siddharth Rajan, and ElectroScience Lab Research Scientist Andrew O’Brien at the event on April 26.

The Lumley Engineering Research Awards are presented to a select group of outstanding researchers in the College of Engineering who have shown exceptional activity and success in pursuing new knowledge of a fundamental or applied nature.
Ghalichechian’s research centers around two areas of micro/nanotechnology and electromagnetics. Specifically, he conducts research on RF microsystems with focus on reconfigurable antenna arrays, millimeter-wave antennas, terahertz microsystems, sensors, novel materials, and microfabrication processes. 
Meanwhile, Guo is pioneering new realms in neural interfacing technology, neural prosthetics, biotronic engineering and biological cyber-physical systems (bioCPS). 
Rajan’s research has received much attention from the industry in 2018. His area of research focus falls within nano-scale semiconductor devices, molecular beam epitaxy, and III-nitride semiconductors. 
O'Brien's primary areas of research include Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers, antenna arrays, antenna electronics, and adaptive array signal processing.
Other Lumley Engineering Research Award winners this year include:

Qadeer Ahmed, Center for Automotive Research; Theodore Allen, Integrated Systems Engineering; Lisa Hall, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Rubao Li, Computer Science Engineering; Ajay Shah, Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering; Soheil Soghrati and Vishnu Sundaresan of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; and Wei Zhang, Materials Science Engineering.