Prof. Ringel helps launch IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics

Posted: June 15, 2011

Professor Steven Ringel
Steven Ringel, professor and Neal A. Smith Endowed Chair in Electrical Engineering, is co-founder of a new scholarly journal, the IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. The journal was created in response to the rapid expansion of research in the science, engineering and technology of solar cells materials, devices and systems. Solar cells, through the photovoltaic effect, directly convert sunlight into electricity.

The new IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics represents a fast-growing, rapidly-commercializing, global industry that has spurred large amounts of innovation from science to systems. The peer-reviewed, archival publication will report original and significant research results that advance the field of photovoltaics (PV) and are of primary interest to the photovoltaic specialist. Covered topics will include: fundamentals and new concepts, PV systems, thin-film solar cells, concentrator solar cells, organic PV, and advances in PV characterization. The first issue will be released in fall 2011, and will highlight select technical contributions to the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), which will be held June 19-24 in Seattle. The 2011 PVSC showcases more than 1200 technical presentations from 40 countries.  Ringel serves as the Program Chair for this year’s PVSC.

“When I agreed to chair the IEEE Photovoltaics Technical Committee, I did so with one primary goal, and that was to create a very prestigious archival journal that serves the worldwide community of photovoltaic researchers,” Ringel said. “Until we launched the IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics there had not been such a U.S. based journal. Coupled with the fact that IEEE was already central to PV with its sponsorship of the PVSC, and since so many young researchers and students are rapidly moving into this field, developing an archival repository of prestige was necessary to enable young researchers to report their work, expand their impact, and create a pathway for growth of PV technology for many years.”

The IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics is sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society, with co-sponsorship from six other IEEE groups. The journal was founded as the primary initiative of the IEEE Electron Devices Society Photovoltaics Technical Committee, led by Ringel, in an effort that began in 2008 and was recently named an official IEEE journal. The journal’s other co-founder, Tim Anderson, distinguished professor of chemical engineering at the University of Florida, will serve as the inaugural editor-in-Chief. Ringel will serve as editor for the fundamentals and new concepts section.

Steven A. Ringel joined The Ohio State University in 1991 and became director of the Ohio State Institute for Materials Research in 2006. As the Neal A. Smith Endowed Chair in Electrical Engineering, Ringel is particularly focused on science and engineering issues related to photovoltaics, electronic materials, a range of semiconductor device technologies, and the selective introduction of functional materials and nanostructures can advance technologies and systems used in these arenas. He has authored or co-authored more than 250 journal articles and conference proceedings and given more than 90 invited talks.

Ringel’s recognitions include being a recipient of the National Science Foundation National Young Investigator Award in 1994, receiving the OSU Harrison Award for Excellence in Engineering in 1999, receiving four College of Engineering Lumley Research Awards, being named a Centennial Fellow by Penn State’s Dept of Engineering Science, and receiving seven best paper awards from international conferences and societies.  Ringel is a Fellow of AAAS, an Associate Fellow of AIAA, an editor of the IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, and co-founder and a founding editor of the newly announced IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. He is also the program chairperson for the 37th IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference to be held in 2011, the premier international conference in solar cell science and technology. Ringel is co-founder of several semiconductor technology companies, including 4Power LLC, and 4GEN Research LLC.

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